Portable #10 Can Sealer (Only 4 Available)

Sale price $2,395.00 Regular price $4,000.00


A PERSONAL NOTE: This can sealer is what my family uses to store our dry foods. While supplies last it is available now for purchase to the general public. Please watch the full video below for details.


These machines were originally sold for $4,000. This is an amazing opportunity to get a great discount and a high quality sealer that can bless your family and many others.


  • #10 size can electric easy to use sealer machine
  • torque wrench
  • two 6" C-clamps
  • instruction manual
  • customer service
  • repair & parts availability
  • Exclusive access to wholesale dry goods and canning supplies!

#10 Can Cost: Can prices depend on how many cans you buy, but will be no more than $1.92 for can, metal lid and plastic lid. (Great price!) US-made, enamel coated on inside and outside. These are top quality cans. The best made!

#10 Cans Availability: We have a multiple direct sources for cans and we have pallets of cans available exclusively for those who buy a can sealer from us. (I'm sorry but due to demand we can only sell cans to our customers.)

Once you place your #10 can sealer order Paul will call you to find out how many cans, lids, boxes, etc. you would like.

Questions? Call Me. I'm here to help! Please call Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm mountain time or text me at 208-360-5384

*Shipping: Free Shipping to lower 48 US states. If you are in Hawaii, Alaska shipping will be added at checkout. If you need international shipping please email or call me at David@LDSPrepper.com or 208-360-5384