Mango Power Move 200W/400W Solar Panel Cable Kits

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"Whole House Power at Portable Power Prices"

Select a kit below for the number of Mango Power 200W/400W "Move" portable solar panels you have (2 to 10 panels) and how far away the panels are from the Mango Power E power station (50' or 100' cable lengths).

What is in a cable kit?

Each kit includes all solar panel 12AWG MC4 extension cables and Y-connectors needed for the given number of solar panels, distance and configuration (series/parallel). Identify the kit you need from the information below.

Which Cable Kit Do You Need?

Option 1: One Row, 3 to 7 Mango Power 200W/400W portable solar panels. (Series)

  • 2 each 50' or 100' MC4 solar panel extension cables

Option 2: Two Rows, 6 to 10 Mango Power 200W/400W portable solar panels. (Series & Parallel) 

  • 2 each 5' MC4 solar panel extension cables
  • 2 each 50' or 100' MC4 solar panel extension cables
  • Pair of MC4 solar panel Y-connectors

    Option 3: Rack Mounted, 3 to 7 Mango Power 200W/400W portable solar panels. (Series)

    • 2 each 50' or 100' MC4 solar panel extension cables
    • For 8-10 rack mounted panels order Option 2 cable kit.

    *Note: This product is exclusively for the Mango Power E portable power station and Mango Power 200W "Move" solar panels; only available for sale in the contiguous United States.

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