3 Secrets to Choosing the Best Herbal Remedy

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With all the great herbs out there to choose from, have you ever wondered how to pick the one that will work best for you or a loved one?

Do you sometimes wish there was a simple way to narrow down the options?

Have you ever heard that herbs have warming or cooling, moistening or drying qualities to them? And have you ever wondered what that’s all about?

Did you know that matching these qualities with hot or cold, wet or dry conditions in the body can take the guesswork out of choosing an herb that will work best for what ails you?

Would you like to learn how to do that?

 Would you like to learn a simple framework for identifying the best herb(s) to use for any given health issue?

 If you said yes to any of these questions, then I have a new eBook that will do all of the above and teach you how to choose the right herbs. In easy to understand language, I’ll share a simple system for grouping herbs together by their common qualities that will take the guesswork out of using the best herb for what ails you.

 I am also kicking off this new eBook with 3 classes in which I share the secrets for narrowing down your herbal options and identifying the best herbs to use for any health issue. Together, my new eBook and these companion classes will boost your confidence in choosing herbs that get results. 

 The fee for all three classes is $59.95. If you register for all three classes, you can download my new eBook for free and save $40! Reading the book, one part at a time will prepare you well for each of the classes. With the purchase of the 3 classes you get instant access to the eBook and all 5 hours of class recordings.

Note: Digital version only. Not included in the four reference manual package.

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