Package #3: Mango Power E: 800W Solar Power | 120V | 3.5 kWh Capacity | 3kW Output | Two 400w Solar Panels

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"Whole House Power at Portable Power Prices"

 Personal Note: This is hands-down the easiest, best built, most reliable, high capacity, expandable, set and forget, grid down backup system on the market. I've watched the home backup power industry grow and develop over the past 7 years. I've waited to until I found a product or system that I feel is the best solution for 99% of the people. This is it! 

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Click here to see Mango Power E Specs (PDF)

Click here to see Mango Power E User Manual (PDF)


What will a Mango Power E run: The Mango Power E will run all appliances up to 3000 watts of continuous power draw.

Gas/Propane Furnace  Chest Freezer Laptop/Desktop Computer
Refrigerator Microwave  80" Television
Window Air Conditioner CPAP Machine Hair Dryer
Electric Skillet Traeger Grill Washing Machine
Coffee Maker Circular Saw PlayStation
Space Heater Electric Blanket Blender
Freeze Dryer Dehydrator Fireplace/Wood Stove Fan


Power Independence Package: 3.5 kWh Capacity | 400W Solar | SAVE $1,298

Looking for an off-grid vs a grid-down solution? With 400w of easily portable solar panels and full sun you can recharge the Mango Power E in 8.75 hours. With the purchase of eight additional 200W solar panels (sold separately) you can recharge from 0 to 3.5kWH as fast as 1.75 hours.

Hands-free, Automatic Power Switching Between Grid and Mango Power E

By integrating the Mango Power E into your home’s circuit*, you guarantee that the moment a blackout strikes, you enjoy power security and grid independence with a seamless, uninterrupted flow of electricity powering your lights, refrigerator, computers, and any other essential devices you have plugged in.

* Home circuit backup requires the mPanel accessory, sold separately. Shipping March 2023. You will be notified as soon as it is available for purchase.

Outstanding value and quality using the world’s best LFP battery cells.

The Mango Power E uses the same ultra-durable LFP battery cells as the worlds’ best EVs (electric vehicles). These cells charge faster, last longer and are more reliable than other traditional NCA/NCM battery cells.

16x output ports and 6 different outlet ports

More ways to recharge fast. Multiple charging methods. Charge at home, at EV stations, solar or gas generator.

Solar charging, Max. 2000W

Grid Charging: Max: 3000W

Generator Charging: Max: 3000W

EV Station Charging: Max: 2000W

Super fast charging. 80% in one hour. It powers up to 5 different ways – or in any comobination of ways – at a blazing rate, going from 0-80% charged in just 60 minutes. To reach a complete, full charge the Mango Power E needs just 1.5 hours when plugged into an AC wall outlet.

Mango Power App

The Mango Power E is more than just power. It is smart power. Mango Power App. With the Mango Power App, you can customize how you store and use your Mango Power E’s energy. Control charging speeds, schedule charging times based on fluctuating electricity costs. You can do it all from anywhere.

Backup Mode: Prioritizes storing energy for the Mango Power E to ensure adequate storage in the event of power outages.

Time-Based Mode: Set battery charging and consumption time according to peak/off-peak electricity need to ensure you always enjoy low power costs and/or use more solar power.

Economical Mode: Prioritizes energy from solar to guarantee a large share of your energy consumption is environmentally friendly.

And thanks to convenient OTA updates on both the Mango Power App and Mango Power E, you can enjoy unlocking more features and more modes over time, for even more power and control.

Ten Year Battery Warranty

Even with up to sixteen years’ continuous use, charging, discharging, and recharging constantly, the Power E’s best-in-class battery cells will still perform as well as they did when brand new.