Making Herbal Remedies Reference Manual

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THE BACKYARD HERBALIST: The Healer's Art & Making Herbal Remedies Reference Manual

A PERSONAL NOTEThis is my wife's third resource manual. 84 pages of useful information and instructions, with beautiful photos on harvesting herbs, preserving herbs, gathering needed supplies and making a variety of externally and internally used herbal remedies. PLUS, each manual contains alphabetical tabs so you can easily store and find all of your herbal remedy recipes and notes. If you have ever wanted to make your own herbal remedies, this simple and straight forward manual is the book for you.

An updated and expanded, easy to read and understand resource manual for learning the best times and ways to harvest herbs as well as preserve them so they retain premium potency. Complete instructions are included for making 24 types of herbal remedies for both internal and external application, such as:

    • Poultices
    • Oil Infusions
    • Ointments
    • Liniments
    • Herbal Skin Care
    • Herbal Infusions
    • Herbal Juices
    • Pills & Capsules
    • Herbal Syrups
    • Tinctures
    • Glycerites
    • And more
    Presented in a 3-ring binder format allowing you to add additional information as you come across it. Each herbal monograph/description includes:
      • Full Color Photographs of Each Remedy: Helping you visualize the end product
      • Description of Each Remedy: How to use each remedy to get maximum healing benefits
      • Herbal Recommendations: The most popular herbs used for each type of herbal remedy.
      • Recipes: Time tested, effective herbal remedy recipes to help you get started.
      • Essential Herbal Remedy Instructions: Detailed instructions for making each type of herbal remedy
      • Herbal Formulary: Guidelines for how to combine multiple herbs into "formulas" as well as the benefits of herbal formulas.
      • Formulary Journal: Alphabetical tabbed index pages provide you with a place to keep all of your herbal remedy recipes and notes.
        • Chart of Medicinal Herbs Typically Prepared as Infusions: A handy list of common herbs best prepared as herbal infusions/teas.
        • Chart of Medicinal Herbs Typically Prepared as Decoctions: A handy list of common herbs best prepared as concentrated infusions/decoctions.
        • Chart of Alcohol Percentage Ranges for Medicinal Herbs: A handy list of the alcohol percentage ranges for a little over 100 common medicinal herbs.

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