HERBAL REMEDIES CLASS: Herbal Oil Infusions, Ointments and Balms

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Everyone who purchases the class in-person or online will have life-time access to the recording of their class to view at any time.

In this in-person and live zoom video workshop, you’ll discover how easy it is to make medicinally potent herbal oil infusions and then turn them into an ointment, a salve or a balm and what the difference is between them.

The recipes I’ve chosen for this workshop are all items that would be good to have in your first aid kit or first aid closet. I have made them, used them and included them in my herbal first aid kits.

You’ll go home with 5 usable remedies, as opposed to just a miniscule sample of each. I’ll also demonstrate how to use tinctures in the ointment or balm making process which will be quite a “sizzling” experience and, if you attend the workshop in person, you’ll go home with a small jar of my Skin Moistening Balm. Video participants will make these remedies at their home as we make them in class.

All of the recipes are included in this workshop packet that is automatically emailed to you when you register for the in-person or live video class. I’ve included a list of the supplies you’ll need as well as my favorite resources for getting what you need.

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