Free Herb Garden Tour: 20 Herbs for Pain Relief

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Pain in the body comes in many forms and herbs relieve different types of pain through a number of different mechanisms, or actions. Understanding those mechanisms, or actions, helps you choose the best herb for the pain being experienced. Using herbs for pain is not like taking Tylenol or Advil or Aspirin for pain; one herb to numb any kind of pain.

 Understanding how these herbs are used for different kinds of pain will help you figure out which herbs you want to have on hand in your back yard herb garden. 7 of these 20 herbs are among the top 15 herbs I want to have in my back yard herb garden which was the theme of my herb garden tour in June 2022. Come and see how those herbs have matured over the last 2 months and get acquainted with 13 additional herbs.

 Come get up close and personal with these 20 herbs for pain and learn to distinguish them from their “look-alikes.”

Come see if you’d like to incorporate some or all of these pain relieving plants into your herb garden.

Come see how easy it is to grow your own medicine cabinet herbs and use them to alleviate your every day aches and pains. 

  • Cost: FREE
  • When: Saturday, August 13, 2022
  • Time: 9 am to 11 am (before it gets too hot)
  • Location: My place (1375 N 695 E Shelley, Idaho 83274)

 To Register, go to:

 Download the free fact sheet packet that includes my notes about each of these 20 herbs for pain. The packet also includes:

  • Information on understanding the different pain relieving actions these plants provide
  • How to accurately identify each herb
  • What look-alike plants you should watch out for
  • Tips on what and when to harvest these herbs
  • A list of the medicinal actions of each herb which provides clues as to their medicinal value
  • Herb safety precautions
  • Tips on how to grow these herbs in your back yard herb garden
  • Directions to get to my house are included in this packet

 Looks like it will be sunny on Saturday, August 13th, but not too hot until later in the day. Wear a hat, don some sunscreen if you need to, or bring a shade umbrella and bring a water bottle. We’ll be in my herb garden for the most part. Feel free to take photos of anything you see and ask any questions that come to mind.

 ***Please read the introductory material of the information packet before you come and at least glance through the monographs of the 20 pain relieving herbs.

 Sue Gillmore ~ The BackYard Herbalist

Certified Master Herbalist ~ Certified Master Mittleider Gardener

Add this free product to your cart to download the "20 Herbs for Pain" 47-page colored handout. You MUST include your email address to get the download.

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