The Treasury Seed Bank (for 30 Adults)

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The Treasury Seed Bank (for 30 Adults)

Enough seed is provided for a year-round garden for 30 adults, along with an excess to hold in reserve in case a particular crop does not do well.

The Treasury comes with a laminated Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Chart; copies of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, The Mittleider Gardening Course, Seed to Seed, The Backyard Homestead and The Complete Book of Home Preserving; and ten 10 oz Texas Ready/Mittleider Trace Element Nutrient Packs!

The seeds, nutrients and information included in this bank provide just about everything you'll need to turn your homestead into a small-scale farm. The books will teach you how to maximize your harvest and properly save your seed for the next growing season. Diligently follow the techniques and recommendations in these training manuals and you'll be well on your way to living a lifestyle of true self-sustainability.

This monster bank will literally plant acres of food. It is ideal for church and community gardens, or for persons wishing to lay up a store of "seed money" for barter.


  • All seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated Heirloom type varieties
  • All seeds are fresh and have a lab-certified germination rate in excess of the USDA requirements for that particular variety
  • For all US growing zones
  • Varieties susceptible to fungal infections, infestations and/or viruses may be treated in order to boost hardiness and production
  • Comes packed in a re-sealable steel US Army Ammo Box
  • Includes a laminated Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Chart


  • 70+ Varieties Included - Seed Bank Contents List
  • Over 200,000 Seeds! (30+ lbs)
  • Designed to provide the annual nutritional produce needs for a minimum of 30 Adult Units
  • Also included are the following five books:
  • The Vegetable Gardener's Bible
  • The Mittleider Gardening Course
  • Seed to Seed
  • The Backyard Homestead
  • The Complete Book of Home Preserving
  • Plus Ten 10 oz Trace Element Mittleider Nutrient Packs

Seed Variety List

Click here to see a list of varieties you may expect to find in your seed bank.

All seed banks come with a 5 Year Guarantee

Because we only sell USDA certified seed, Texas Ready seed banks is the only seed bank company offering a full Five Year Guarantee on the quality of their seed stock.

Any variety included in your bank that doesn't meet or exceed the USDA germination standards for that breed (within five years from the date of purchase) will be replaced at no charge. Seeds must be sown according to the standard requirements for that breed; if we don't have the exact variety in stock, your seeds will be replaced with a similar variety.


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