54 kWh GRID-TIED Battery Backup System (Top Selling System)

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54kWh Whole House, Grid-Tied Battery Backup System




● Lion Energy Sanctuary – Energy Storage System with a 54 kWh Battery Storage Capacity.
   – 2x Hybrid Inverter (24kW Solar/DC Input, 16-28kW AC Output. 180 Amp Grid Passthrough)
   – 4x 13.5 kWh LiFePO4 Batteries (54 kWh Total Capacity)
● 25 Year Industry Leading Warranty on the Lion Sanctuary ESS.
● Complete EMP Shield Electromagnetic Pulse and Lightning Protection for Your Entire Home and the Grid Down Redoubt System. EMP Shields Included are:
   – 4x DC EMP Shields (Protects 4x Solar Arrays)
   – 3x AC EMP Shields (Protects Home + Redoubt)
● EMP Shield Protection is Listed by the Department of Homeland Security in their EMP Resilience Report.
● 10 Year EMP Shield Warranty with 100% Guaranteed Lightning Protection Backed by a $25,000 Insurance Policy.
● Eligible for 30% US Tax Rebate (See Below for Details)*
● Free Shipping (Within the Continental US). Ships Within 7-18 Business Days.

Made in the USA and Comes With a 25 Year Warranty.

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